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SyAM Software is an IT company that specializes in data management, asset management, and energy reduction. The company provides software management solutions that help businesses of all sizes operate more efficiently through proactive systems management and save money through automated power management.


SyAM Software came to SearchPro in 2008 because they were unsatisfied with their overall web presence and online visibility. Though SyAM is a progressive, innovative technology company, the basic look and feel of the site did not properly convey this. The company lacked a strong social media presence. The website was not clearly worded, structurally efficient, or optimized to be found by search engines. Moreover, it was not immediately apparent what services the company provided.


SyAM Software Organic SearchThe endgoal was to bring SyAM Software in front of decision-making engineers within their target market, which included school systems, businesses, and government. SyAM’s objective was to find key decision makers looking for power auditing services, computer power management software, computer asset management software, and computer power or asset management. In order to attain this goal, it was imperative to increase traffic to the site, while simultaneously simplifying design and clarifying content so that the site would be easier to navigate and sought-after information could be effortlessly found.


In the beginning stages of this campaign, SearchPro developed a new look and feel for SyAM’s brand. This necessitated redesigning the company’s logo and creating a cleaner, more concise and structured website. The design stage was followed by implementation of social media, video content, and blog integration on their site. SearchPro then created critical site content: on-page and off-page industry blogs, articles, and videos. This content was distributed to all available social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, in an effort to increase social following. SearchPro also composed case studies for SyAM in the form of white papers that aimed to educate potential clients about the process and value of SyAM’s services.

Syam Software


SyAM Software saw incredible improvement from their original lack of internet presence to the point where they have received 11,000+ unique visitors to their site. Building links and on- and off-page articles has provided continuity and visibility to search engines; because of this, the company is consistently at the top of search results. SearchPro proved to be a great asset in strategically bringing new customers to the SyAM Software site and bettering the company’s overall business.

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