With over 800 million users, Instagram is one of the most potent social media marketing weapons any business can have. The potential to drive some of this traffic to you and develop long term customers is something your business can’t afford to ignore. The key to winning some of this new business is, as always, […]

Does the very life of your business depend on your website? The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes!”. It is where your driven traffic comes. It is where you have an opportunity to make a sale and create a loyal fan for life. Your website is so critical to the success of your business […]

It’s all about the conversions. It’s all about knowing where your potential customers and clients are. But, you likely already know that. Trying to extend your reach can be a difficult thing since customers seem to be spread out everywhere especially when they are in the middle of a buying journey. Making things as easy […]

The rather startling fact in the world of entrepreneurs is that only around 1%-2% are ever successful at it. In fact, being successful is not any easy feat at all. It takes discipline, hard work and, of course, a plan. It also includes having the proper mindset because most people don’t have that. Years ago, […]

Voice search has begun to make it presence known in a big way. This may, in the very near future, cause a true revolution in the way SEO and social media marketing is approached. The world of online marketing is nothing if not continuously fluid and, at times, even chaotic. Voice search has begun to […]

When it comes to your branding efforts, it really is all about you. Brand awareness is, perhaps, the most crucial component to your SEO and online marketing success. Telling the story of you and your company, however, is no easy thing. Creating the persona of what your company is, what it does, and how it […]

Being in business, you know quite well that you are never going to get anywhere without an effective overall plan to get there. Too many small businesses tend to ignore the benefits of having a solid social media strategy in place. With the proper strategy for social media marketing, you can get personal with your […]

Big data is something every business, regardless of size and scope, must deal with everyday. It comes at you in great waves and never seems to relent. But, if analyzed and used correctly, it can be one of your premier weapons with regard to gaining new customers and conversions as well as growing your business. […]

Deciding to re-design and re-launch your website can be a scary thing. Especially if you have been around for some time and are comfortable with your site. Most businesses need to do this on a regular basis to help prevent a staleness and to infuse some new excitement about the business. SEO and online marketing […]

If there is one thing about digital marketing that never changes it is that it is always changing and evolving to accommodate the latest in consumer buying behaviors. Marketing directors are constantly scrambling to keep up and make certain that any new strategies and tactics can be deployed to benefit their clients. But for the […]