Building and growing a thriving and successful company takes far more than just a good idea and some capital. It takes management abilities and a sense for leadership that far too many don’t have or don’t take the time to properly develop. There are so many rookie leadership mistakes just waiting to happen that it […]

Trust is everything in business. But, you already know that, don’t you? Competition is so fierce out there these days that there really is no more room for error anymore. Getting people to like you and your company means that they will trust you. No longer do people, especially the Gen Xers and Millennials, want […]

The challenge for many marketing directors and small business owners is that they really don’t know what their website is supposed to be or what it is supposed to do. They like to think they do, but most really don’t. The only reason your website exists is to make conversions. That’s it. If your website […]

When you are on you own, doing business can be easier in many ways than a small business with employees. As a consultant or solopreneur, you can be more nimble, more adaptable, than your larger rivals and counterparts. The challenge for the solos tends to be that they can ignore basic marketing rules and strategies […]

If there is one thing that your business absolutely needs these days in order to compete it is a mobile presence. You must be optimized for mobile and your content needs to adapt to the what people use their mobile devices for in order to find what they are looking for. Google has been taking […]

Do fired up and highly engaged customers and clients really mean that much more to a company’s bottom line? As a matter of fact, as well as recent research, those companies that have highly engaged and loyal customers increase their bottom lines anywhere from 23%-30% over those businesses who don’t consider customer engagement to be […]

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs have been struggling of late in their efforts to determine if their SEO marketing efforts are really making a difference in their overall business success. Those companies that are growing and thriving, however, know quite well that without specific SEO strategies that can applied across the length and breadth of […]

Deciding to re-design and re-launch your website can be a scary thing. Especially if you have been around for some time and are comfortable with your site. Most businesses need to do this on a regular basis to help prevent a staleness and to infuse some new excitement about the business. SEO and online marketing […]

If there is one thing about digital marketing that never changes it is that it is always changing and evolving to accommodate the latest in consumer buying behaviors. Marketing directors are constantly scrambling to keep up and make certain that any new strategies and tactics can be deployed to benefit their clients. But for the […]

Regardless of the size of your business, you know that you must somehow differentiate your company from your competitors. Working together with your SEO and social media marketing, customer reviews and testimonials can be a sure way to make your business shine. While there is always the chance that a review may be of a […]