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While podcasts are hardly new to the marketing scene, they are vastly underused by small and mid sized companies as well as solopreneurs. The truth of things, though, is that the use of podcasts can almost singlehandedly increase your traffic and your conversions. The podcast is a marketing tool that every business needs to be […]

There may be one certain thing that is slowly, and quietly, killing your brand and your dream. The most successful companies have long known what that is and have addressed it to the point where it becomes a major weapon in their long term success. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners seem to think that […]

Does the very life of your business depend on your website? The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes!”. It is where your driven traffic comes. It is where you have an opportunity to make a sale and create a loyal fan for life. Your website is so critical to the success of your business […]

When it comes to your branding efforts, it really is all about you. Brand awareness is, perhaps, the most crucial component to your SEO and online marketing success. Telling the story of you and your company, however, is no easy thing. Creating the persona of what your company is, what it does, and how it […]

Your SEO and social media marketing efforts are only geared toward driving traffic. That is the only reason for their existence. Likewise, the only reason your website exists is to convert that traffic into sales. While it all sounds so easy, it seems that it rarely is. Too many marketing directors, CMO’s and small business […]

Your SEO, your inbound marketing and your social media marketing efforts are all designed to drive traffic to your website. So, what happens after that traffic gets there? Are you driving them to the checkout? Are you making consistent conversions? If not, there may be some design challenges associated with your overall website. The only […]

Lead generation and the acquisition of new customers and clients has always been the number one challenge for any small business or consultant. Driving traffic means having deploying strategies above and beyond your SEO and social media marketing. If you want to grow and thrive, it will take multiple strategies working all at the same […]

In the fluid and lightning fast world of business these days, challenges arise before you can even see them coming. For marketing directors and managers, some days it can seem like every time you turn around something new and unexpected shows up. There are some daunting challenges facing marketing directors these days but the solutions […]

It really is all about the conversions. After all, isn’t that why you are in business? Without sales, your company is, of course, going absolutely nowhere. Perhaps your conversion rate has been rather low of late? There are several strategies you can deploy to boost that conversion rate to where you are not only successful […]

You don’t have to know the latest marketing research stats to know that mobile devices are coming to dominate search as well as user preference. In fact, right know, mobile devices account for nearly 60% of all searches and that percentage only looks to grow in the coming year. The mobile game is fast and […]