Social Media Marketing Services

One of the biggest challenges for any service business or company is marketing. This is mainly due to the fact that a service business tends to have to sell something that really isn’t all that tangible sometimes. Sure, selling appliances is a tad easier because the potential customers can actually see the appliance and get […]

If there is one thing most people find the time to complain about it is that they don’t have enough time. Enough time for what? Well, that tends to vary from person to person. Mostly it is just a general feeling of being overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time in a […]

The key to your success with regard to your SEO and social media marketing is to rank high on SERP’s and to drive traffic to your website or location. There really is no other reason for your marketing. The challenge has always been coordinating your social media so that it works in harmony with your […]

The rather sad thing about ecommerce these days is that early 80% of all online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before they are able to complete a purchase. It seems that despite all of the hard work and the planning that has gone into getting your prospects to the point of purchase, it just may […]

Why does your social media marketing strategy exist? It exists to drive traffic to your website or physical location. If it isn’t doing that then you need to re-evaluate what you are doing because what you have been doing isn’t doing what it is suppose to do. Too many small businesses are failing to properly […]

The key to any successful business endeavor is the ability to lead and to inspire. Sadly, far too many people in a position to lead fall far short of being able to do just that. This is especially true when a company begins to grow and the owner finds the need to develop teams and […]

Your online digital marketing has, perhaps, become your most important factor in the success and growth of your business. The challenge has always been that things move so quickly these days that it is often hard to keep up with where exactly you are supposed to be. Often, it seems, that technology morphs just for […]

It is fast becoming a mobile first world. More and more customers and buyers are searching and finding what they want and need through a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop. In fact, according to recent research released by Google Analytics, at least 40% of all searches are coming from mobile devices such […]

Loyalty isn’t something to demand though far too many companies of all sizes continue to demand. Demanding instead of inspiring is what leads many companies down the drain because there is too much turnover and instability. Too many companies try to rule with fear based cultures while other companies think having a huge game room […]

While most businesses, especially small businesses, believe that marketing is important, too few actually make it their top priority. While most current research points to the fact that most businesses tend to rank lead generation as their top priority, it also reveals that marketing, and marketing departments, don’t get that high a priority. Who are […]