Social Media

There are those marketers out there who seem to think that social media marketing is not what it used to be. They point to declining subscriber numbers and, looking at ROI for their clients, have determined it just isn’t what it used to be. They remain in the distinct minority, however, as well over 80% of […]

Managing and promoting your brand’s reputation is a full time effort that requires focus, determination and maybe just a little help from the giants out there. Both of the online giants, Google and Facebook, have begun rolling out specific programs designed to stress the importance of reviews to the continued success of every company. Reviews […]

Brand awareness is everything. You might have the greatest product or service in the history of the world, but if no one knows about it, your company is not likely to survive for long. The are a few strategies besides your ongoing SEO and social media marketing strategies that can help you and your business […]

In your quest for greater brand awareness, and, of course, a greater conversion rate, nothing can be more important to your social media marketing strategy that the use of visual content. The marketing statistics are stark and extremely suggestive. Facebook reports that brands that use visual content see their posts attract nearly three times the […]

There is, perhaps, no more important weapon in your sales arsenal than your landing pages. This is where all of your SEO and social media marketing strategies converge. This is where all of your efforts are leading your potential customers and clients. If you are discovering that the traffic is not engaging with your landing […]

As social media continues to flow and change almost daily, it can become quite a challenge for a business to keep up with the changing landscape and to continuing being effective with their social media marketing strategy. SproutSocial has recently released its Sprout Social Index which is a comprehensive study of social media behavior over the […]

Your social media marketing strategy should be concerned with only one bottom line prospect and that is to drive traffic and make conversions. That is, after all, why you started your business in the first place. Some business owners think that social media is a complicated affair and don’t throw the resources into it that […]

Does your company need more leaders and less micromanagers? Sadly, for most small businesses, the answer is a resounding yes. Few people have the talent, or the mindset, never mind the training, to be good and effective managers. Leaders, however, seem born to it and it is leaders you need to not only grow but […]

When it comes to engagement and driving traffic, your social media marketing must be performing or you may quickly find yourself losing ground to your rivals. There are few better ways to build trust, brand awareness and drive traffic to your social media platforms. So, here is a hack or two that just might help […]

According to some recent marketing research, chatbots just may enhance, not only your customer service capabilities, but just may drive more social media traffic for you within certain demographics. While the research done by the technology company Retale, and others, had some interesting findings, there are still many things to be concerned with before you […]