Video Search Engine Optimization

When creating a winning SEO and social media marketing strategy, nothing can be left to chance these days. Too many small business owners have been ignoring the benefits of integrating video productions into their overall online marketing scheme. If these companies continue to ignore the importance of video marketing, they will be quickly left behind […]

To belabor the crucial importance that video plays in the success of your SEO and overall online marketing efforts is not necessary. If you are not already integrating video marketing into your overall strategy then you are way behind most everyone out there. Your videos must be engaging. They must attract an audience by being […]

When it comes to your SEO marketing and brand awareness, video can be one of your most effective tools and weapons. The challenge is, however, that few small businesses really take advantage of video and fewer still do it effectively. Like all of your marketing efforts, you can’t leave anything to chance, or to amateurs, […]

Content will continue to be the ultimate tool for the success of both your SEO and your social media marketing campaigns and efforts. Right now, the most immediately effective way to engage your audience and drive traffic is through the use of visual content. In fact, visual content will drive traffic over twice as often […]

Running with live streaming can be an exciting, and profitable, way to drive traffic and convert customers. Perhaps the most popular platforms for this are out on the social media giants, especially Facebook. With the traffic you have been driving through your SEO and social media marketing efforts, doing live broadcasts just may be the […]

Video is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, weapon you have in your SEO marketing arsenal. Unfortunately, most small businesses just don’t seem to have the hang of it unless they are working with a professional firm. Too many, sadly, are leaving their SEO, and their video production in particular, in […]

Social media seems to be an ever shifting world where your SEO marketing is constantly changing to try and stay abreast. One thing that can be said for certain is that video will continue to play a major role in your social media marketing plans and video will soon come to dominate the platforms. Recent […]

 Capturing the mobile device user has always been a rather tricky thing and it looks to get a whole lot trickier. Recent research at Microsoft and elsewhere suggests that the human attention span has shrunk to just slightly more than eight seconds and it is largely due to mobile device usage especially cell phones. Attention […]

 One of the best weapons you have with regard to your overall SEO marketing strategies is video. You must integrate video into your marketing efforts and especially out at the social media platforms. YouTube, of course, is the 600 pound gorilla that you need to be BFF’s with. But, how to get the most mileage […]

 One of the best weapons you have for driving traffic with your content is to provide visuals. While humans tend to remember only around 20% of what they read, we actually recall over 80% of what we see. Visuals increase the engagement of your viewers. When you can hold their attention longer, your chances of […]