8 Ways to Create Effective Web Video

Posted on June 5, 2010 in Video Marketing

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager at SearchPro Systems.

Since the official launch of YouTube in December 2005, the site now exceeds 2 billion views every day. You know you need to be there, but how do you optimize your Video SEO content to keep ahead of the pack?

1.    Answer questions. Think about your product and what information visitors to your website want. If your product is unique, explain what it does and how it helps the user. If not, why is your service superior to others? What sets you apart? Responding to FAQs is an effective way to utilize your VSEO opportunities.

2.    Show off. Confidence sells, right? Show your product and staff in action by featuring videos of your product being used by real people. You can even go a step further and invite others to share their own video on your sites, creating even more power to climb up the Universal Search rankings. Ask them to post reviews, or have a contest. Ask readers to create video posts about creative uses of your product or their own advertisements. Your happy customers will be doing the work for you.

3.    Let the viewer get to know you through a tour. In a world of impersonal big box stores, give the customer a reason to connect with you. Let them see your office, the people who work for your company, any production facilities or work events. By doing this, you can use your VSEO campaign to earn trust, which is priceless.

4.    Offer advice. This suggestion is especially useful for consultants and other companies that assist others in developing their businesses. Provide a brief instructive outline (or list, like this one!) to help people understand your goals and how you achieve them. Combined with effective VSEO keywords, this one will really draw people to your content and ultimately boost your name on Universal Search rankings.

6.    Ask for feedback from your customers. People love to talk; all you have to do is ask. It’s the most efficient way to find out what they like, what like don’t like, and how you need to change to suit their needs. Although formal surveys are a great tool for getting the information you are looking for, be sure to cover all your bases and tailor your VSEO strategy to the help meet those goals as well. Make sure that your customers know they can comment on your videos and other online content like your blog, Facebook, and Twitter. VSEO isn’t just for finding customers; use it to provide the best service you can: watch how they react and plan accordingly.

7.    Provide information that others do not. Who do you know in your professional network? Create a video interviewing someone who has a deep understanding of your industry answering questions, talking about their career, or reviewing your product. Not only will you be creating content for your own VSEO campaign, but your interviewee gets some self-promotion as well.

8.    Keep it fresh. A viewer is not going to return to your website, social media site, or YouTube channel if nothing ever changes. The most important thing about your VSEO strategy is that you provide all of your entertaining, informative content on a regular basis. Provide insight into your area of expertise that may not be found elsewhere, feature stories about clients or employees, or update viewers on industry news. Whatever you do, as a cardinal rule of your VSEO practices, don’t let the customer forget you are there!