8 Ways to Promote Yourself on Social Networks

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The initiative for any online campaign should be to create and maintain a presence in social networks. This can help you personally and professionally as it increases your overall online visibility and accessibility to your customer base. Here are eight ways to help you promote yourself and help you with your social media management.

1. Include icons leading to social media accounts: You can put various icons leading to your social media accounts right on your website, giving users easier access to your social media channel. Make sure not to overload your website with them though, pick the ones you use most often and use those icons. If your users see the icons, they’ll be more likely to click on them and check out your social media.

2. Include contact info in email signatures: By placing your contact info in your email signature you make yourself much more accessible to your customers and give them a way to talk to you directly. Use internet contact info though, like your social media channels, don’t divulge more personal info than you want your customers to have.

3. Try to use one email address: With your multiple social media accounts it might be tempting to create an email address for each one. This might confuse your users and they might not be sure which email to send to. By using one email address, your users have a universal way to contact you and you can make it easier on yourself by not juggling multiple addresses.

4. Show who you are: When posting an article on your blog or updating your about page, add an “internet business card” showing your identity. You can develop this via a plug in or with code development and it can be added to be your email signature as well. This will put a face and name to your articles and your readers will be able to identify with you easier.

5. Use widgets: Another key to social media management is to show that you’re active in your networks to your readers or customers. You can use a widget or plug in that will include these on your blog or website and they’re typically put on the right side of the screen. By showing your online presence, there’s a chance it will attract more interest in your social media networks.

6. Link your accounts: Going through your Facebook news feed sometimes you’ll see status updates that have been updated from Twitter. Some channels have picked up on the importance of linking activities to be more effective. You can post to Facebook or LinkedIn from other social media channels to help save you time and keep everything concentrated.

7. Place links in your “About” page: Your About page is a place for you to include information about yourself, who you are, what your background is, and a way for people to contact you. This is an excellent place to add links to your social media pages. This makes it more likely for them to be visited if your readers are interested in your work.

8. Encourage users to visit social media sites: You can increase your online presence by letting your readers and customers know about your social media profiles in posts. You can link to your Twitter account in a Facebook post and vice versa. On Twitter, include links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, website, email, etc. Let your users know that there are endless ways to see you online.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your social media management and help you promote your online presence to your dedicated masses.