The 9 Do-Not’s of Blogging

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There are many blog posts out there that explain the best tips to making your blog successful and how to write the perfect articles. But what about those bloggers that have questions along the lines of “what shouldn’t I do when I blog?” or “What are things to avoid when writing a blog?” Here are nine things you shouldn’t do in order to have a successful blog.

1. Write Bad Headlines: A rookie mistake to make in the world of blogging is to write headlines for your articles without any idea of what your audience is looking for. Some keyword searching will help you out and help you craft nice catchy headlines that will drive traffic to your blog.

2. Make it Hard to Understand: What this comes down to is understanding who your audience is and at what level you should be writing for them. If your blog is about philosophy than your target audience would expect a higher level and more complicated writing style than that of a blog whose audience is teenagers.

3. Too Much Social Media: If you’re spending too much time trying to reach out via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and not spending enough time actually creating new content for your blog than you are wasting time. It’s the quality content in a blog that keeps users coming back to a website, not from being bombarded on social media. Try to find that balance between spending time on social media and writing content for your site.

4. Duplicating and Bad Quality Articles: What can be a bad practice to start off with to try to generate traffic is to take an article from an already established blog and copy it to your site with a link back to them. Don’t do this, Google frowns upon duplicate content online. Also ensure that your articles are of the highest quality. A long poorly written article will just lose you readers.

5. Publishing Without Editing: A bad habit is to publish your article before looking over it because you’re so certain that it’s perfect. Read over your article at least twice before publishing it and then look at it again once it is published to make sure there are no errors, factual or grammatical.

6. Not Responding to Comments: One of the best ways to show Google that your blog is an active place is to interact with your audience that leave comments. Starting a conversation is a good way to start a community which will keep people coming back to your site.

7. Constantly Checking the Numbers: When you first start a blog you’re going to be tempted to check the traffic numbers over and over again. This will waste your time and make you tense if you aren’t getting the numbers that you want right away. This might discourage you in the short run and you could decide to stop writing. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the traffic meter for at least a month. Just focus on creating quality content that will keep people coming back for more.

8. Failing to Promote your Article: One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to publish your article and then doing nothing with it. How can you expect people to know that you wrote an article unless you tell them about it? Promoting written articles is especially important in the beginning when you’re first starting out and creating a community.

9. Not Connecting with Other Bloggers: Blogging is all about creating a community. One of the best ways to foster this community is to reach out and connect with other bloggers in your niche. Post comments and get into a conversation with them. From there, you can exchange articles and guest blog on each other’s site which will let you share traffic and increase traffic for you and other bloggers in your community.

If you see yourself doing any of these things then it is time to reconfigure your blogging habits and improve upon them to make yourself a better blogger. The goal is to become a successful blogger and to create a community in which to immerse yourself in.