A few strategies for keeping those followers following

z183 Gaining a following on social media does not have to be such a complicated endeavor. Some patience, some due diligence, and some consistency are, basically, all you really need.

  •  The major focus of your social media marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your site. That is the only reason for its existence. If it is not doing that, if you are not building your brand and gaining rabid fans, then it is time to revisit your social media strategy.
  • Marketing research reveals, every time, that the more often you post the greater number of views and followers you tend to gain. You must establish a posting schedule and stick to it religiously. Your content must sparkle and be wary of overload at your social media sites. Too much will alienate potential followers.
  • Of course, the idea behind getting them to follow you is quite simple. You want them to go to your site and buy. The number one attraction for doing that at your social media sites is offering special discounts to those that follow you all the way back to your site. Coupons are huge as are continuing contests. A recent survey conducted at Twitter by Nielsen revealed that well over half of people that followed a particular brand wanted to be informed of upcoming promotions. Another 40% or so followed a particular brand because of their contests and almost 35% followed because of free or heavily discounted offers.
  • Engagement is the buzzword and it rightly must be. If you do not draw your readers in, they will likely never return. You must tailor your content toward the conversational. You are simply having a conversation with a friend. Don’t write like you are speaking to a mass rally, write like it is a one on one intimate conversation.

Remember that your social media strategy is important for driving traffic. Follow some basic and simple strategies and watch your followers, and your traffic increase.