Acquiring new customers means multiple strategies

Lead generation and the acquisition of new customers and clients has always been the number one challenge for any small business or consultant. Driving traffic means having deploying strategies above and beyond your SEO and social media marketing. If you want to grow and thrive, it will take multiple strategies working all at the same time.

  • Your content as well as your data and your analytics will always be the keys to your customer acquisition success. Organic traffic that is driven by professionally created and deployed SEO has continued to outperform any other strategy for acquisition. Even when consultants and small businesses venture into paid ads, which tend to work rather well, they find that SEO is the foundation of their online marketing strategies.
  • Attacking the audience that is out at the major social media platforms takes time and careful cultivation. Such sites as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn are prime targets that, when approached correctly, will yield substantial amounts of traffic to your site.
  • Email marketing can be a most effective weapon if it is done right. It is an ideal way to stay in touch with regular clients and customers and provides a splendid opportunity to reach out to a whole new customer base to make them aware of you and to introduce them to your products, services, and special discounts and offers.
  • Video content is here to stay and will look to be your strongest marketing weapon if it is done right. By producing webinars, behind the scenes looks into your company, as well as establishing a YouTube channel, you can make an immediate impact on your traffic and customer acquisition. Your videos, of course, must be professionally done to have the greatest impact. So few small businesses and consultants take advantage of YouTube. It is the second largest search engine in the world which means there may be thousands, if not millions, of potential customers and clients out there.
  • Updating your overall website as well as adding infographics as part of your content strategy will have an almost immediate affect as well as beginning to focus more on your overall calls to action and developing lead magnets that will drive traffic and make those conversions. Don’t know what a lead magnet is? If that is so, you most definitely need them.
  • Finally, optimize your site for mobile as early 70% of all online searches are done on a mobile device. Speed is everything these days and if your site and pages are taking longer than three seconds to load then you need to seriously fix that. Set yourself up as an expert in your industry or profession by writing about the cutting edge themes going on out there as well as generating traffic through influencers and experts who will contribute to your content.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer