How to adjust to Google’s Pigeon update

Google        It appears as if Goggle is at it yet again. Their latest algorithm update, dubbed Pigeon, has thrown yet another proverbial monkey wrench or two into your SEO marketing strategies. Two of the areas most heavily affected will be in relation to keywords and a redefining of what is meant by a local search.

  •  Your presence in local directory sites is now more important than ever and will directly affect your SEO strategies. If you do not normally list in local directories, Pigeon will not harm you all that much. The update itself will not assess penalties to certain infractions unlike previous Google updates.
  • The new geographical data in the update will try and locate you to a refined and specific area. If you have been getting traffic from your specific city or even zip code it, now, may search by neighborhood or even direct street address. This is in response to an increase in mobile use. Share your mobile position with Google and they will GPS you to what they think you are looking for.
  • Your SEO strategies must now be seriously based on the reviews and comments your site and business may be receiving. You must immediately get out to all of the local search directories and verify your information. Make sure your contact information is correct.
  • The next step to prevent a SEO traffic disaster is to get a handle on your reputation. Monitor your social media interactions and comments being left by users. In addition, get out to the major review sites like Yelp and make sure your reviews a reflecting positively on your business. Negative reviews are going to carry greater weight going forward. Though Google has not commented, it appears as if this is carrying more weight due to the fact that the Millennials are heavily reliant on peer reviews with regard to just about everything.
  • Keywords are now far less important to your SEO strategy due to this new Pigeon update. Apparently, Google’s new algorithm change is now prepared to uncover what your exact intention might be regarding what you are looking for in a search. Keywords and key phrases are, apparently, no longer good enough for Google.
  • What Pigeon is doing with regard to keywords is looking more for your expertise and your authority regarding what you do. Content marketing will continue to be the major SEO play. You need to have as much information about what your business actually does out there and content updates will have to be more frequent if you want to remain seen as a serious player with Google.

So, clean up your local image and greatly increase your content marketing and updates. Now, you need to be an expert in your field more than ever before. Content marketing is the key to that ranking success as well as getting a handle on your social media and local review sites and directories.