Are you influencing the influencers?

Posted on April 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

z134 If you have yet to integrate getting to the online influencers of the world into your SEO and social media marketing, you had best get a move on. Online bloggers have a greater influence on customer decisions than any of the social media platforms or television. After a potential customer visits a retail or evaluated branded content, they, immediately, head off to hear what the online influencers and reviews have to say about a particular product or service.

  • ┬áBranded content and a business website is a far distant second with regard to how consumers decide to buy. People they know and trust are their first line of inquiry followed closely by the opinions of others, even strangers. This is especially true with the under 45 demographic. In fact, nearly half of all people online in the US are regular readers of niche blogs that keep them abreast of trends and news.
  • Getting to the influencers in your niche market or industry will greatly improve your overall SEO and marketing efforts. They can go a long way to helping you establish name recognition and to help introduce their readers to your company and products.
  • The reason you want to connect with these influencers is because they possess an astounding ability to not only reach out to people but to actually connect with them and influence how they act.
  • Online review sites are a close second to the bloggers with regard to influence. Your SEO and marketing efforts must key in on those platforms and stay abreast about what is being said about you and your company. Research indicates that when your content is shared among such sites and influencers, you can see traffic and conversions leap anywhere from triple what you have been doing to ten times what you have been doing.
  • Now, about 65% of the major brands are fully on board with this. They all have certain SEO and online marketing strategies designed to make certain that the influencers are aware of their products and services and are speaking well of them.
  • When focusing on an influencer, think in terms of relevance to your industry and the quality of their content. You want their sites linking to yours. You want them to introduce you to a wider audience. You want them educate others about the significance of your offerings. Positive online reviews and endorsements from leading blogs and influencers move more product. Period. It will well be worth the effort to begin to cultivate relationships with the leading influencers in your industry.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer