Are you SEO ready for the Holiday Season?

Posted on November 25, 2013 in internet marketing, SEO, SEO Services

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It’s that time of year again where Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and can make or break your entire year. You need to get together with your internet marketing crew and webmasters and get your website SEO ready. Early preparation for the holiday season will make sure that your site stays up through heavy traffic, that your top sellers have been identified and that all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions are in place. Here are some SEO tips to make sure your website is ready for the holiday season

  • Create a Holiday Theme: Put your internet marketing team to the test and have them create a holiday theme for your brand across your website, social media profiles and any company emails to your customers. Make it a universal theme so it’s easily recognizable by your customers.
  • What’s Hot? Your internet marketing team should be busier than ever during the holiday season, figuring out what your hottest products are and making sure those are the ones that you have in-stock. Figure out what those unusual products are too that your competitors don’t carry and include those in your stock as well to give you an edge. From there, you can gain the SEO edge by creating content like blog posts, social media posts and articles, based on your products which will give the search engines time to index them before the holiday season starts.
  • Clear Shipping Times: Holiday orders can sometimes overwhelm your shipping department which in turn can be passed on to your unwilling customers. You’ll have to inform your customers about possible increased and expedited shipping times due to the busy season. This is especially important for your repeat customers who expect the same shipping timeframe every time.
  • Showcase your Products: There are certain services online that allow you to increase the visibility of your products. Facebook Gifts and Google Shopping are two of these services that can lead to more sales of your products and boost your SEO in a shore amount of time.
  • Promote your SEO: Look for a way that you can give back to your customers this holiday season as it is the time for giving. Figure out a way to give to a local charity with a percentage of your total sales through the end of the busy season. You can tie this in to your SEO strategy and let your customers know that you care about more than just your bottom line.