Are your SEO strategies outdated?

z131 SEO and accompanying online marketing strategies have shifted dramatically in the last year or so. What was working a couple of years ago is no longer true. As Google’s 600 pound gorilla presence continues, small businesses, and even the Fortune 500, had best be in the loop with regard to what has been coming down the proverbial turnpike. With the coming and going of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates as well as their recent mobile algorithm dictate, if your SEO strategies have not kept up you will quickly fall behind your competitors who have.

  •  The new mobile dictates from Google mean that you must be responsive and that you must be mobile. Research reveals that over 60% of all searches are now done via mobile phones. An incredible 61% of Fortune 500 companies have not even adapted to mobile use. If such companies with the resources of their magnitude have fallen behind, can you imagine the state of small business?
  • Content is everything and will continue to be everything. Content marketing is stressed everywhere and the reason is that it works in both the short and long terms. Your content must be relevant to your visitors and must be properly optimized or your search ranking will suffer greatly.
  • Speaking of ranking, Google no longer puts as much emphasis on it as it used to. Relying on single keywords has, also, taken on less prominence. What companies, and Google, have become more focused on is content that is optimized for the intent of a searcher. It is becoming more about your measurable ROI and brand awareness. Your interaction with potential customers and how your brand is perceived is where the future is headed.
  • Big data and analytics, focused content and social media management and marketing are the big three in the SEO strategy for the foreseeable future. Your content must focus on delivering added value to your current demographic as well as for those who will be future customers.
  • With well over 90% of all companies of all sizes using content strategy and marketing as the main thrust of their SEO efforts, that, as well as building quality back links, is where your current SEO efforts need to be.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer