Are your social media marketing efforts reaching women?

Posted on May 7, 2014 in Social Media Marketing Services

Vector illustration of 3d cube block with media iconIf your social media marketing strategy is not making a serious run at the female audience, you’re losing revenue. Big time.

Women are far more active and engaged on social media than men are and research study after research study indicates that women make up to 85% of all buying decisions be them for themselves or for their families. Many of the top brands have recognized this and have long targeted the female audience. It has paid off handsomely for them in several ways.

First, with regard to social media, women are more active and they integrate social media into their day to day lives far more than men do. Facebook is 58% women and the women are far more active with regard to posting updates, loading up new photos, and adjusting their various status situations. Even at Twitter, the female user stand at 53% and are sending out more tweets than their male counterparts. In addition, one report suggests that nearly 95% of all American women are out online every month.

The major brands have recognized that women are loyal to brands they like. Brands that they are familiar with are paid serious attention by women which is why successful brands are doing all that they can to engage the female audience. However, in a recent survey by the marketing firm, She-conomy, discovered that over 90% of their female respondents stated that companies are not understanding them and that lack of understanding has become reflective in their advertising efforts.

While about 40% of women stay connected to social media to keep up with friends and family, they also stated that about 37% of their time at the social media sites was spent looking for deals, especially coupons. If you can bring a human voice that the female audience can relate to, your social media marketing efforts will bear fruit. Women tend toward making and nurturing connections and then integrating those connections, and sharing them, with their social networks.

You must do you due diligence. You must understand the female audience and what is important to them. If most of customers, and potential customers, are women, are you active out on Pinterest? The Pinterest user and audience is 97% female.

Research ahs, also, revealed that nearly half of all women turn on their cell phones as soon as they rise from bed. Another 30% are turning on their laptops or desktops. Women in the workforce rely on their phones where the work-at-home women reach for their computers to stay on top of the news and other interests.

Find out where the female audience is during the day, as well as at night. What are they watching? Where are they going? What brands and sites are they supporting? Truly understanding the female segment is critical to your social media marketing strategy. To ignore, or misunderstand, such a large and important segment is tantamount to seeing your revenue, and market, take the proverbial plunge.