Why aren’t you being found in local search?

z172 Some recent online marketing research has revealed some significant data regarding local search. It appears as if a quarter of all small businesses are not even to be found in the local search databases. If you are among that 25% or so whose business is no where to be found in Bing or Google local searches; why not?

  • Nearly 90% of all mobile device users are searching for local product and companies via their smart phones and tablets. In addition, that 90% is actually visiting a site or a store or are making a call after they find the product or service they have been looking for. If your company is not being found during a local search, and your online marketing efforts are not being thrown into that fray, how much business can you figure you are losing out on?
  • Another simply absolutely ridiculous statistic that can be found pretty much anywhere is the sad fact that well over 60% of all small businesses don’t list their phone number anywhere on their website. As the Millennials would say: “Really?”.
  • Perhaps an even more stunning revelation is that nearly 65% of all small businesses in America don’t even have a website never mind an online marketing strategy.
  • The survival of your business in your local area has become indelibly linked with local search, especially via mobile devices. Most current potential customers, nearly 75%, are more influenced by reviews, comments, and peer evaluation than just about anything else. A strong and favorable local brand, developed through your online marketing efforts, will get their business. Reputation and customers service has become the key focus for customers who want to make a final decision about where to shop.
  • Social media reviews are having a strong effect but so are the top review sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Google+. It has been speculated that within the next two years or so, mobile search will surge ahead as the number one way potential customers will be searching for you online. Your online marketing strategy, if you even have one, has enough work to do without neglecting one of your most important targets. If you can’t be found by local customers using local search means, then are you really the player you think you are?