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Online marketing strategies are created to help drive traffic to a business’ website, and an important aspect of this intricate plan is blogging. Blogging creates trust between your business and customers, builds credibility for your products or services, gives resources to new and returning readers, and can solidify your brand/tone. Whether your considering blogging, have […]

Google has been around for over 17 years, but it is hard to imagine a world without it. As Millennials move into the business world as consumers and working professionals, it’s becoming increasingly important for internet marketing firms to cater towards SEO and a better understanding of Google’s algorithm updates as they occur.   For […]

The one major area that most small businesses drop the ball on with regard to their SEO marketing and social media strategy is responding to comments and reviews. Most make the initial mistake of not hiring a professional firm to handle their SEO and social media marketing as the majority continue to try and do […]

In the continuing search engine optimization quest, is it really necessary for your small business to have its own personal mobile app? The answer is a most resounding “yes”. Any marketing advantage, especially in the mobile arena, that you can get will be worth the time, the effort, and the cost.  Part of your search […]

Your social media marketing campaigns are vital to your success. There is no longer any getting around that. If you are not actively recruiting customers and clients out on social media, then you run the risk of losing ground to your competitors. Measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy can be rather tricky. […]

With over one billion users, Facebook continues to be the 600 pound gorilla who can sit wherever it wants to. Major and minor brands, as well as every business in the world, have wanted their social media marketing efforts to grab a piece of that crowd. The problem has been, however, that Facebook had yet […]

In our instant gratification world, speed is everything. It seems unnecessary to even mention speed but the fact remains that far too many small business websites are so slow to load that they are losing traffic, damaging their SEO marketing efforts, and losing sales.  If your website is too slow to load, your customers will […]

Social media marketing is here to stay. Those businesses that are adapting to it and formulating successful strategies are those that will remain competitive and growth oriented. A recent study released by the Social Media Examiner highlights just how effectively companies are adapting. Also, the report zooms in on some huge gaps and flaws that […]

Social media marketing is one of the greatest weapons you can have with regard to building your brand and driving traffic. However, are you just deploying a slap-dash type of campaign? Do you know what you are trying to do? And, if so, can you actually measure the success or dismal failure of your social […]

Content marketing has quickly become the default strategy for search engine optimization. Some businesses get it, most don’t. Those that don’t get it will quickly be left in the dust along with the nearly 55% of American small businesses that don’t even have a website. The serious competitors out there, approximately 60% of all businesses […]