How big data can mean big success

Big data is something every business, regardless of size and scope, must deal with everyday. It comes at you in great waves and never seems to relent. But, if analyzed and used correctly, it can be one of your premier weapons with regard to gaining new customers and conversions as well as growing your business.

  • You must be involved in your big data analytics as well as knowing where it is all coming from and what it means to your future. Streams of data come in to you from everywhere from online search results to your social media platforms. Understanding what it is and how to effectively remove it and use it is the greatest of challenges. While the data will come in various forms, seeing it for what it can be will allow you to see consumer transactions in a much clearer light while boosting your advantage over your rivals while reducing overall risk to your operations.
  • As your data is collected and extracted, make sure everyone is on the same page. Who are your customers and what do they want from you? How do they approach and buy from you? Make certain you are on the same page as your IT team. Bring them into the overall sales process so that they, too, may eventually be able to extract the most significant data for you once they understand what they are looking for.
  • By the same proverbial token, you, too, must know how your IT people are looking at the data and what they are doing with it. Establish a plan as well as some parameters with regard to what data you will need to compile and analyze. Establish a schedule of at least twice a month where everyone involved can meet to discuss what has come in, how it will be analyzed and how it will be put into affect to enhance your overall marketing efforts.
  • The big data that comes at you everyday is far too important a tool and weapon in your marketing arsenal for it to be ignored or neglected. It is important to the success of your company’s future that everyone in the company understand the importance of the data and the importance of using it effectively regardless of their role in the company. Everyone can use it and contribute successfully to the company’s long term growth and success.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer