Bing Ends 2013 on a High Note, but still Far Behind Google

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The end of the year came and went and Bing is still trying hard to compete with the search engine behemoth that is Google. According to a report done by comScore, Bing ended 2013 with their highest market share ever inside the US. However, Google, not to be outdone, had the biggest monthly gain in December.

For your search engine marketing services, these are good numbers to keep track of, as they allow you to know where to focus your attention in your internet marketing campaigns. For example, your search engine marketing services would want to know that Google’s search queries went up 0.6 percent at the end of last year to a dominating 67.3 percent. According to comScore, that would be Google’s second highest share estimate since they peaked at 67.5 percent last February.

Bing reached an all-time high as well, finishing 2013 out with an 18.2 percent of search queries. Bing’s year-to-year numbers have also seen more of an increase compared to Google. Bing went from 16.3 percent at the end of 2012 to 18.2 percent at the end of 2013, an increase of close to 2% of search queries. This lets your search engine marketing services know that Bing is a search engine that needs to be marketed for in order to fully target all possible audiences.

But what about those other search engines? Yahoo’s reign as search engine master ended long ago once Google came on the scene, but how far have they fallen? As of December, they only had a 10.8 share of search queries. The company acknowledges the fact that their search share is falling and that they are trading search shares with Microsoft’s Bing at this point.

The comScore report also showed that overall, searches were up for the month of December, compared to a 6% drop in November.

Reports like comScore’s are important for your search engine marketing services team to keep an eye on in order to better utilize SEO tactics to your advantage. If you’re not keeping up with the latest numbers and search engine trends, then your company will be left in the internet dust.