Bing Pairs Up With The Dealmap

Posted on March 11, 2011 in Bing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO

We’ve all heard of Groupon, Living Social, and hundreds of other local deal websites, as they are growing incredibly in popularity. These days, everyone is looking for a bargain or discount, and businesses know it. Smart businesses are increasing their traffic by participating in some of these deal sites, but it gets confusing for both business owners and consumers. Which site should I use? Which site gets the most traffic? Which site should I check for deals? What if i’m missing a deal for my favorite restaurant because I’m not looking on the right site?

Well, that’s where The Dealmap ( comes in! Instead of creating yet another local deal site, the creators of The Dealmap chose to gather and organize ALL of the web’s local deals for you. You can search for restaurant deals, shopping deals, event and attraction deals, you can search for all deals in your area, you can search for kid-friendly deals, and you can search for the biggest and best deals.

Now, Bing has paired with The Dealmap, to launch Bing Deals for smartphones. The features are impressively convenient. Users can perform the same quick searches on their smartphones through Bing, as they can through The Dealmap’s website on their computers, as well as refine searches by their exact location at the moment, and they can share deals with other smartphone users, as well as email them.

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If participating in local deals is a part of your SEO campaign, then Bing Deals may be a way for users to find your deals more easily, which means more responses and traffic. As always, an important marketing and even SEO tool is to offer discounts, benefits, coupons, specials, and so on. The problem often lies with deciding where to offer these specials and how to advertise them. Although the options are endless, local deal sites are becoming a widely popular method for consumers to seek out specials, and often, to determine where they’ll be eating dinner, based on who’s offered the best deal. If your business isn’t already participating, now that Bing Deals has taken the guess work out of the process for you, this may be a perfect time to start!

Sara Beaudoin is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems