Boost your content marketing ROI with a landing page

z133 Your online and social media marketing has been doing what it has been designed to and that is to drive traffic. However, if you have begun to create a specific content marketing strategy you will want to consider adding a landing page for it all. Research has clearly shown that a landing page will increase conversions by nearly 90% over the traditional process of having visitors navigate around until maybe you can convert them.

  • ¬†Your content marketing strategy will be specifically targeted to certain audiences in an effort to build your name recognition and brand trust. Visitors that click through your content marketing piece need to go to a specific landing page so that you can immediately convert them. They will not be wandering around your site looking for what they came for. With your landing page, it will be right there in front of them spurring them to action.
  • Placing landing pages for your content marketing traffic will allow you channel specific traffic toward those particular products and services your visitors are coming for. If you have several products and/or services, it will allow you to gather more specific data and to plan future online marketing strategies accordingly by being able to target individual segments of your demographic.
  • Your content marketing will allow you to extend your brand awareness in a positive way. Your content will be engaging and valuable to the reader and they will transfer that perceived value to your company and its products and services. A landing page can give you more space in which to showcase yourself and a specific product or service. You can expand your vision as well as further educate your potential customers. Your potential customers will have a specific destination when they click through. The landing page itself will be an extreme call to action.
  • Employing landing pages to measure the effectiveness of your strategies and ROI will allow you to gain measurable data for future strategic launches. By sending visitors to a landing page, you will immediately know that they are interested in what you have to sell and your content has persuaded them enough to trust your brand. Finally, having landing pages to manage the effectiveness of your content marketing will allow you an expanded opportunity to run A/B tests on a regular basis until you can tweek that landing page to utmost affect.

It will take a bit more time and planning, as well as an investment, to create certain landing pages for your products and services. It will, however, be worth the effort as you will not only see an increase in traffic but a real and measurable boost in your ROI and conversion rates.