Boosting your mobile conversions just got easier

As more and more traffic continues to come from mobile devices, it is crucial that small businesses and consultants turn their serious marketing efforts toward their mobile presence. A more formidable mobile presence will nearly guarantee that your ecommerce efforts will be rewarded with more traffic and conversions. Within the ext two years, the latest marketing research declares that around 80% of all web traffic will come from mobile devices.

  • The challenge, of course, is understanding mobile behavior and adapting your mobile site so as to enhance your conversion rates. With mobile, it is all about speed. Mobile users, with regard to ecommerce, are either looking for you or they are ready to buy from you. There is an old tried and true sales strategy that promotes fewer choices. When there is less to choose from, the buyer becomes more focused and tends to make a decision to buy in a shorter amount of time. While you may have your entire inventory at your regular website, less is better at your mobile site.

  • Get rid of anything that will not lead directly to a sale. Also, a navigation bar is crucial to mobile success. Most of your mobile visitors already know why they are there and what the are looking for. Make it easy for them to find what they came for. Don’t get bogged down at the checkout. Nearly 80% of all shopping carts are abandoned before the sale so take them by the hand and guide them all the way though the sale. Forget a long checkout process and save your data gathering questions for another time and place.
  • Again, speed is everything. Pay attention to your load times. Longer thanĀ  3 or 4 seconds and they are gone. In fact, recent research done by Amazon has revealed that 2 seconds is optimal and that every second beyond that cuts your conversion rate by at least 7%. Keep your text to a bare minimum; just enough for them to know what you have is what they want. Research will tell you that the more words you use, the higher the bounce rate and the lower the conversion rate.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer