Brand building hacks you need to put into play right now

Brand awareness is everything. You might have the greatest product or service in the history of the world, but if no one knows about it, your company is not likely to survive for long. The are a few strategies besides your ongoing SEO and social media marketing strategies that can help you and your business become more visible.

  • The first hack you need to understand is that you have to get out of your office. You are the ambassador who needs to be visible to the outside world. You need to attend conferences pertaining to your industry and profession as well as chamber of commerce events and the like. If you are the traditional introvert, you need to hire a team of extroverts, fire them up with your vision and a plan, and then turn them loose.
  • Use your social media marketing as more than just pushing your product or service. Yes, you have to get followers excited about what you have to sell but it is more important to use your social media channels as an outlet that allows the world to see and experience your company for what it is really like. People love to see who your people are and what they are like. Feature them and give followers a behind the scenes look at your company. When they really get to know you, they will like you. People like to do business with people they like.
  • Always bring something to the table. Too many entrepreneurs and business owners are one way Jack’s and Jill’s. It’s not always just about you. Reach out and offer help and assistance to everyone you come in contact with. Be the go-to guy or girl that everyone feels they can depend on. Find a win-win situation that will benefit another’s company as well as your own. Try and form partnerships rather than constantly looking at how someone else will be able to help you. Also, in this vein, get out into your community and regional area and give back. The visibility and awareness you will receive, not to mention the positive PR, from that is invaluable.
  • Finally, you have to build your reputation as a trusted outlet with regard to your content. You must be viewed as an expert and as a dependable and reliable source of accurate information. You are the place to find the latest on your industry and profession and how your company is in the thick of it all. Also, never forget your value position. What makes you different from your rivals? What’s so great about you? Why should they buy from you? Figure that out and then hammer it home. Show everyone why you are the only clear choice.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer