Brands to blast social media for the holidays

z162 This holiday season, the major, and minor, brands are going to be pulling out all of the proverbial stops with their social media marketing. Will you be one of them? Is it time to shift from simple brand awareness on social media to outright driving conversions?

  •  Recent statistics and surveys are revealing that nearly 70% of US businesses are going to up their social media marketing budgets this season and that over 90% of them are going to spend almost all their budget at Facebook. Instagram, also, is going to be a major focal point.
  • Over 60% of those marketing specialists that were surveyed intend to make their social media marketing blitz directed toward driving sales and continuing to build awareness and name recognition.
  • Nearly 70% of them are spending more on their social media marketing this year than last. For this holiday season, at least, brands are sticking with the big names in social media and have no interest in investing any of their marketing budgets on any of the young upstarts.
  • The major brands have begun to declare that they will be looking to re-focus their social media marketing strategies for next year. They are looking less at establishing brand awareness and more toward driving traffic and sales.
  • Many businesses large and small who have been out there for a long time believe that it is time to move toward increasing sales. They have established themselves and built up their networks. Now, they feel, it is time to begin to capitalize on all of that work and investment.
  • Those companies that have been slowly but surely building their follower’s base, know how to approach them and how to effectively communicate with them. For those companies, it is time to convert them over to their bottom lines.
  • The movement to drive revenue from social media marketing is about to begin with this holiday season. So, revamp your strategy and be prepared for an unrelenting drive to boost conversions and bottom lines going forward.