Building your credibility is no easy thing

Credibility with your potential customer base, as well as in your industry and profession, is something you need to have but it isn’t always an easy thing to obtain. There really are few better ways in which to build your business and your brand. For the wider community to see you as trustworthy and credible, is something you just can’t ignore doing on a daily basis.

  • Building and establishing trust as well as being seen as highly competent are two major factors in establishing credibility. If people like you, they will trust you. Showing them how competent you are and how you will solve their problems, establishes you as someone to trust and to like. People will always do business with people they like and trust.
  • Sincerity and showing people that you are a real person without pretense goes along way toward establishing your credibility. Being honest in your dealings with people, as well as other businesses, again, builds that important trust factor. You won’t abandon people or a project when things get tough and you will demonstrate that your word is good.
  • You must show loyalty to build trust and credibility. Loyalty establishes your word and that everyone is in it to to be successful. It’s a matter of showing everyone that you are all on the same team and that everyone is striving to make that success happen. This also extends out to being genuine and honest and taking responsibility for the decisions and the actions that you take. If you don’t know something, you say so. If you made an error, you admit, fix it, and move on.
  • Be honest and transparent in your dealings. Sure, you might get taken advantage of from time to time but a reputation for honesty and fairness will far outweigh the occasional encounter with the unscrupulous. A portion of that honesty is having a moral code or a set of principles by which you live. Having these things will gratify a few and will simply astonish the rest. In a time where morality is believed to be relative, and one must take and take without giving, establishing yourself as someone of integrity and credibility will allow you to prosper for many years to come.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer