Can your email campaigns benefit from your social media strategies?

email-advertisingYour social media marketing strategies can give a huge boost to your email campaigns. By blending your social media presence into a well woven email campaign, you just may find that your email campaigns have begun to drive more traffic and generating more sales.

 Nothing sells better than a well crafted video or, especially, photo. Leverage your Instagram magic with your email campaigns and watch your traffic increase. The mere presence of such an online giant brings added credibility to your email presentations. Excite them with a well illustrated story rather than just pages of ho-hum text.

 Real estate may be location, location, location but marketing today is engagement, engagement, engagement, regardless of platform. Hashtags seem to have become part of the expected language out there in social media land regardless of what platforms and channels you are using. Use the hashtags to promote special deals for your social media fans. Perhaps, inspire them to engage more with your products or services. More engagement inevitably leads to boosts in traffic and, hopefully, a fatter bottom line.

 Cross engage your email target list with your social media marketing fans. Cross pollinate to generate more buzz and conversation about what you are doing. Perhaps even run special promotions, events or contests just for new members who are “liking” what you are doing with your social media marketing campaigns.

 Encourage those comments and fan raves. Spice up an email campaign with photos and excited quotes from your many rabid fans. For better or for worse, people are greatly influenced by what other people think and say about a particular product or service. Engaging your email list and moving them over to your social media pages can take the sting out of an email campaign. It can be so much more effective if your email list sees your weekly or monthly updates as a friendly invitation from a BFF and less a screaming and obnoxious sales pitch or commercial that may send them to their spam buttons.

 Everything is harmony. Harmonize your email campaigns into your social media marketing strategy and watch the traffic increase and the conversions jump.