Search engine optimization has become so crucial to the survival of your business that you really can’t do it by yourself anymore. Sure, you could get an intern because you’re looking to save money. But, what are really saving? SEO marketing is the future of your company. It is an investment in your future, not […]

Online marketing strategies are created to help drive traffic to a business’ website, and an important aspect of this intricate plan is blogging. Blogging creates trust between your business and customers, builds credibility for your products or services, gives resources to new and returning readers, and can solidify your brand/tone. Whether your considering blogging, have […]

Google has been around for over 17 years, but it is hard to imagine a world without it. As Millennials move into the business world as consumers and working professionals, it’s becoming increasingly important for internet marketing firms to cater towards SEO and a better understanding of Google’s algorithm updates as they occur.   For […]

One of the most important factors that search engines, especially Google, take into consideration are backlinks. Acquiring quality backlinks to your site must be an integral part of your SEO marketing and methodology. Backlinks, simply, are other sites that offer a link to your site. The higher quality sites you get to link back from, […]

You need your SEO marketing efforts to work for you. But are they really? Are you doing the things you think you need to do and finding out that they are not producing the ROI you are looking for? If you haven’t been paying attention, or if you have been ignoring, Google’s recent algorithm updates, […]

Most companies these days are concerned with their SEO efforts as they rightly should be. Most SEO marketing efforts tend to hone in on content especially articles and video. One area that can greatly enhance your marketing effort concerns is the images you post. Can you really make your static images work for you? Can […]

Google has released the newest algorithm update they call Phantom. It has been in place for only a short time but many businesses are already noticing some SEO marketing ranking changes and anomalies. It has been aptly named as there was no warning from Google that they were about to adjust the rules of the […]

Search algorithms can change at any moment so your SEO marketing strategy needs to be fluid and adaptable. While other engines such as Yahoo and Bing continue to evolve their own search criteria, Google continues to be the 600 pound gorilla in the room. Its latest Hummingbird algorithm update has been in place for about […]

One of the pivotal success building blocks of any search engine optimization strategy will be your social media efforts. You can’t leave this critical area of your SEO success ignored. If you are not on top of your social media strategy and content on a daily basis, you will simply be inviting disaster to walk […]

       It appears as if Goggle is at it yet again. Their latest algorithm update, dubbed Pigeon, has thrown yet another proverbial monkey wrench or two into your SEO marketing strategies. Two of the areas most heavily affected will be in relation to keywords and a redefining of what is meant by a local search. […]