When all is pretty much equal among rivals, sometimes the only thing that can separate them, and bring in the conversions, is a company’s customer service team. Sure, you say, I knew that. But is your customer service team really an elite entity that knows what it is doing and why it is doing it? […]

According to all of the latest research, nearly 60% of all online searches are being performed from a mobile device. The search god Google rewards those sites that have optimized themselves for mobile so even though you may be optimized, there are a few strategies that you may want to employ to give your company […]

Whether it is a crew on its way to frame and sheetrock a house or a small team trying to cobble together your social media strategy, the importance of productive and efficient teams can’t be understated. If the success of your business depends on your teams, you need to be diligent with regard to how […]

Just as customer experience has become the premier buzzword for marketing and advertising, so has customer intent become the new watch word for search. When considering the power of your SEO, it always begins with those relevant keywords. Now, however, it is time to expand them into long tail phrases that encompass a customer’s true […]

Being in business, you know quite well that you are never going to get anywhere without an effective overall plan to get there. Too many small businesses tend to ignore the benefits of having a solid social media strategy in place. With the proper strategy for social media marketing, you can get personal with your […]

When you are striving for brand awareness, visual content may be the key to your overall long term success. While your content development and production plays a huge part in your branding efforts, you must integrate visual elements for your brand awareness to have long term benefits for you and your company. It all begins […]

One of the best social media platforms out there for attracting business, expanding your rand awareness, and driving traffic is LinkedIn. Potential clients and customers are everywhere and you should be taking the time to put an effective social media marketing campaign together for the platform. Just remember, LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. There are strategies that […]

Your social media marketing strategy has always been designed to do only one thing. That thing, of course, is driving traffic to your website or to your store. If it isn’t doing that, you need to revamp and restructure.   Shareaholic recently released a study they performed. In that study, they tracked, for several months, […]

The importance of social media to the continued growth and success of your business cannot be overestimated. Today, if you do not have a social media marketing strategy designed to drive traffic, then you will quickly be left behind. The major players, of course, have to be covered. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are […]

As 2014 continues to roll along, there have been certain trends developing out there in social media land that every company and brand needs to be aware of. Staying on top of what will make you effective in the social media jungle need to be priority number one for you. Twitter and Google+ will continue […]