Local Internet Marketing

Is link building that critical to your overall page ranking? According to some recent statements by senior analysts at Google, the two most important ranking factors are content and link building. The reality of it is that link building is similar in nature to your social proof in that it provides authority and builds trust […]

The importance of being mobile ready cannot be stressed enough. Too many small businesses are not utilizing mobile marketing enough and many have not considered mobile marketing at all. Smartphones have become such an integral part of every day life for so many that a small business must reach them there or their future success […]

One of the most overlooked weapons in any marketing arsenal just may be the podcast. If done right, a quality podcast can allow any size business to generate traffic and establish their brand as a local and national authority. The challenge continues to be how to develop an effective enough one to drive that traffic […]

As small businesses in America continue to evolve into a new model, many have begun to adopt the hybrid model in an effort to integrate better business practices with their ongoing battle with the new elephant in the room: employee burnout. Stress and burnout have always been there but they have taken on gigantic proportions […]

Search engine optimization is not an option for those businesses who wish to compete at any level. This is well known and most small businesses work hard at their SEO strategies. As the algorithms at the search engines continue to morph, SEO continues to be an ongoing practice as it, too, must shift with the […]

Getting an edge on your rivals is a long term strategy that can often seem a never ending struggle. Keeping your SEO, and other online marketing efforts, strong and robust is a solid foundation but are you missing something? The missing piece these days is personalization. If you are not making it personal for your […]

No business, regardless of size, will survive long without customers and clients. That seems a simple enough observation until it is realized that generating those customers and clients is often an effort of massive coordination between all of your marketing assets. While your SEO, social media, and content has been working diligently for you, video […]

As American small businesses continue to march forward during these difficult times, it seems that they continue to embrace optimism. Sure, there are many challenges on the road ahead, but small business owners see a horizon of future growth. In some recent data published by Bank of America, it seems that American business will not […]

It is your real bottom line and you ignore it at your peril. One of the greatest destructive forces in business is stress. It is, sadly, something that few business owners even bother to notice. Unless you can recognize the causes, and have an understanding of stress, it will continue to grow and will, indeed, […]

Momentum is energy. Where your energy is focused is, generally, where you and your company will end up. During these trying times, momentum can be broken up by any number of things. It is critical to the future of your business that you regain any lost momentum and sustain it toward success. Seeing where current […]