Local Internet Marketing

Online marketing can be tricky enough but without the proper data and research, your efforts can be downright disastrous. You and your teams work hard enough on your SEO, social media and branding strategies to have them fall by the proverbial wayside because you really didn’t know what was going on. So, in that spirit, […]

What many small businesses tend to overlook is the power that their customers have with regard to generating SEO and igniting brand awareness for their company. It has been noted in all of the recent, and past, research, as well as from years of observation, that consumers trust reviews made by others who have used […]

While there is little dispute about the importance of digital marketing to the health of a small business, recent research has revealed that small business owners don’t seem to grasp the full potential of it with the aim of using it to grow and expand their businesses. The focus of some recent research done by […]

You have worked hard to get your search engine optimization strategy to where it is paying off for you in terms of traffic and branding. But, perhaps lately you have been seeing a decline in traffic or are seeing your site slip a bit in the rankings. Before you make the mistake of blaming your […]

When it comes to hiring a new employee, most business owners don’t really take the time to do it so that it actually works to their advantage. Worse still, they don’t do the hiring themselves. Instead they leave it to some HR person who knows nothing about how to operate a business. Where did they […]

One of your best marketing weapons for driving traffic and making conversions is a properly executed email campaign. The problem, however, is many small companies don’t take the time to properly put one together so as to achieve the maximum effect. Some recent research has shown that a properly executed email campaign can provide an […]

Your social media marketing can be a huge catalyst for driving sales and growth.  How your potential customers are using social media and which ones they spend a lot of time on can be tricky to determine and is ever shifting. Some recent research published at Small Business Trends shows just who is using what […]

One of the best ways to expand and grow your business is to expand and grow your social media presence. If your social media presence is not that strong, you are losing ground to your rivals every day. It seems that simple arithmetic provides the answer to the future growth of you business. According to […]

Once again, Google has decided to fix something that isn’t really broken. Their latest algorithm update was released a few weeks ago, in March, and, as usual, it has caused scrambling and upheaval. Never get comfortable with your SEO strategies, especially if they have been working well for you, because you can be assured that […]

The ever changing SEO landscape is just that – ever changing. If you are not ahead of it then you are working from behind. No business wants to constantly be two touchdowns behind their rivals. It isn’t so much that customer search habits are changing all that rapidly but more the way in which the […]