Local Internet Marketing

Business these days is highly competitive to say the very least. Everything, it seems, has to be perfect.  Nothing can be more important to the future of your business than the digital marketing strategy that you put together. Even the best SEO and social media marketing planning can be fraught with potholes and potential disasters. […]

Is it possible to expand and actually grow your business without using any social media at all? Recent research from all over points to a resounding no. Your social media marketing offers you the opportunity to truly expand and grow your business in ways that were really not available before. Perhaps the most effective use […]

When it comes to your inbound marketing it really is all about the numbers. When you know the numbers, your data and statistics begin to take on a greater importance. What your visitors encounter when they reach your site or your social media pages will make a huge difference in your bottom line. Without knowing […]

When it comes to the survival of your business, social media is serious business. The numbers are there for you. The number of potential leads and customers is in the billions. Not only is social media a highly efficient way to attract and drive traffic, but it is free. The challenge with many small businesses […]

Is your company creating product videos which are actually moving product? Far too few small businesses these days are taking video marketing seriously enough. Because of this outlook, many businesses are leaving money on the table every day. In fact, many studies show that consumers who watch a product video have a 80%-95% conversion rate. […]

Creating and embracing certain SEO metrics and data points is what is going to keep you ahead of your rivals and what will enable you to compete with the big boys and girls in your industry or profession. The reasons for all of this are many but it is mostly to keep up with the […]

While the basic foundations for your SEO and social media marketing will tend to stay steady over time, there is that technology and innovation that pops up when you least expect it to. As new innovations and strategies continue to make their presence felt, it can sometimes be overwhelming for a small business to keep […]

Your social media outlets can make or break your company with regard to reaching customers and responding to their needs. It is one of the best outlets you have for communicating with customers as well as handling any problems that may arise. The challenge for most small businesses is that when a customer makes contact […]

Believe it or not, email remains one of the most powerful weapons in a small company’s marketing arsenal. The problem is, it seems, that so few small businesses really understand it and are able to produce effective emails that drive traffic and make conversions. Who wouldn’t want the type of engagement that happens out at […]

Your marketing and advertising is everything to your business. Without it, you are going to disappear sooner rather than later. One of the great marketing dreams has always to somehow take you and your business and your content viral. Many lament the ability to go viral but it does appear that you can do it […]