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Are all social media platforms created equal? Does it really matter which platforms your company is using to drive traffic and increase sales? Which popular platforms you use could, indeed, spell the difference between boosting traffic and sales and just flailing about without a solid strategy. Some recently compiled research published by Kontentino, just may […]

One of the most challenging situations for any business is consistent content development. This is especially true for B2B companies as most have traditionally struggled in this important area. Many B2B companies have begun to focus on the immediate future and have put together strategies that will help build their brands through the development and […]

When it comes to establishing the authenticity of your brand, it seems that potential customers and clients are looking at your various types of content. What the main measurement seems to be is whether it is resonating with your audience. Are they finding it helpful and useful? Is it establishing your brand? In some recently […]

As the times continue to become more volatile and uncertain, it may be time to reflect on how your online marketing strategies need to evolve going forward. The most crucial part of your online marketing is your search engine optimization. The challenge is that SEO, too, continues to adapt and evolve. In some recently compiled […]

One of the challenges every business faces is how to retain customers and clients. Getting them to come to you the first time is actually less daunting than figuring out a strategy that keeps them coming back. These days, it is all about customer experience or CX. Customers and clients want you to get personal […]

The opportunities to create and expand your ecommerce have never been better. But, is your company and brand ready to do what is needed to move forward and dominate your market segments? As ecommerce continues to shift and evolve, it is critical that you know where it is headed so that you can develop the […]

Does the mindset and overall well being of your employees really make a difference to the success or failure of your company? The answer these days seems to be a resounding yes. The long term performance of your business is directly related to how your employees are treated. Some new research from Indeed and Forrester […]

Even through the volatility of these challenging times, your SEO content strategy must be the one constant that keeps your company ahead of your rivals. As SEO strategies continue to change and evolve, so must your long term content strategy. In a recent research report, Hubspot has highlighted the importance of a solid content strategy […]

Can any business continue to ignore search engine optimization and expect to be able to compete long into the future? Without a solid SEO strategy, businesses today will struggle on many fronts especially when it comes to driving traffic. In some recently published research, 411locals has compiled SEO data that that will be crucial to […]

One prevalent risk today that is generally ignored by most entrepreneurs and small business owner’s is that of their reputation especially their online reputation. What is most important in this regard is how to handle this risk across several platforms. Your reputation is affected online mostly through consumer comments and your social media elements. Customer […]