When small business owners and entrepreneurs gather to create and carry out their SEO marketing plans, quite often they are focused on things that aren’t all that important. Too many are focused entirely on the numbers. Too many are focused on every little ridiculous tweek Google decides to throw out there. Too many are focused […]

What often separates us from what we want is our ability to be mentally tough; our ability to stay focused on a goal until it is reached. It’s being able to perform under pressure. It’s being able to face certain fears and demons and stare them down. Most people, however, tend to avoid conflict. They […]

User Experience (UX) has been around since the late 1990’s but it has begun to take on a greater importance with regard to your SEO marketing and your overall business success. What UX breaks down to, essentially, is the interaction that happens between your company and your customers and potential customers. UX has begun to […]

There can be no more important aspect to running a successful company than risk management.  We have seen how companies unprepared for potential risk were easily destroyed. All you need do is think back to Enron, 9/11, and the disaster created by Hurricane Sandy. Risk management and awareness, of course, starts at the top for […]

Do you know what your ecommerce customer really want? Do you know what they are looking for? Do you know what will keep them coming back to you rather than to one of your competitors? There are so many gurus out there telling you who they are and where you can find them. And, there […]

Despite the tremendous success of SEO, too many small and mid sized businesses still hesitate to deploy it. In an era of instant gratification, many entrepreneurs believe that they should see immediate results regarding any marketing strategy they decide to use. Sadly, many are ignoring the very tool that could boost their traffic and increase […]

Whether it is a crew on its way to frame and sheetrock a house or a small team trying to cobble together your social media strategy, the importance of productive and efficient teams can’t be understated. If the success of your business depends on your teams, you need to be diligent with regard to how […]

Your social media marketing efforts exist to expand your brand awareness and to drive traffic. If your social media is not doing these two things, it may be time to scrap whatever it is you have going and start again. Your strategy needs to embrace these two objectives. Once they are embraced, a formidable plan […]

If there is one thing that can get you a ton of traffic and a bunch of conversions, it is some great reviews. The challenge always seems to be, however, how to get those reviews. Looking at much of the recent marketing research uncovers the fact that nearly 90% of all consumers are searching for […]

Everything these days seems to be shifting and evolving almost daily. Online digital marketing is no different. As technology and customer focus shifts, so must everyone’s digital marketing strategies. It is important to study the trends of where things have begun to shift and to adapt as quickly as possible. Even the smallest of businesses […]