Creating emotional responses to any social media campaign you launch can be critical to the success of your social media presence. Emotion moves people to action. It always has and it always will. While generating emotional responses to advertising and content is nothing new, too few small businesses are creating campaigns that stir emotions that […]

The latest buzzword with regard to SEO marketing is customer intent. It is the time when a customer is no longer just browsing and displaying an interest. It is the time when they intend to buy. Speed is everything these days especially with the dominance of mobile search. Latest research from Forrester reveals that nearly […]

How many small businesses actually spend the time to optimize their SEO for local search? Not enough apparently, according to the latest research trends and statistics. According to one study, 97% of consumers searched for a local company online and 88% of them actually contacted the business within one day of finding them in a […]

There are those companies out there that have over one million followers out at their social media platforms. So, how do the do it? Is it simple luck or is it strategic planning? Those companies that succeed out on social media tend to do so due to planning and diligence. Your social media platforms are […]

Most people live in the delusion that they are mentally tough. The truth is, very few are. Most people’s minds are too scattered too self centered and too unfocused. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. There are certain habits and mindsets that separate the mentally tough from everyone else. It is just a […]

There comes a time in the life of every business when it just may be time for a new look. Too many business owners think that their brand is just a logo and a slogan but it is far more than that. Your brand is your company and it encompasses everything that is your business. […]

Many businesses of all sizes have integrated YouTube into their social media marketing mix and have done it effectively. Having a YouTube channel, or just videos in general, can boost your traffic and your conversions like few other tools in your SEO arsenal. Is it time for you to take your video marketing to the […]

Everyone likes to be productive. The challenge is, however, few of us even realize how we sabotage our productivity even from the time we get out of bed in the morning. Some recent eye opening research has uncovered some seemingly harmless habits that most people do every day that are actually destroying their ability to […]

While your SEO efforts happen all year long, there are some unique strategies that can help you boost your SEO and drive more traffic during those crucial seasonal times and holidays. Some latest research finds that more than half of all shoppers are heading out to a search engine to find what they need for […]

To ignore video as a serious marketing tool is to invite future disaster. The challenge is that only around 30% of all small businesses are incorporating video into their online marketing. While video seems to intimidate many small businesses, it must be embraced by your brand if you even hope to compete in the future. […]