Small Company Internet Marketing

Aside from the time tested strategy of search engine optimization, the most effective way for a small business to boost brand awareness and to drive traffic is through the use of video. However, there remains far too many small business owners who have yet to embrace video. Why is that? What is keeping them from […]

When it comes to initial engagement, small businesses will use every weapon they can to draw in and engage a potential customer. Chatbots have become one of those weapons that have seen greater use of late. The reason seems obvious to many and that reason being that they work. In some recently published research, Userlike […]

Are customers and clients actually changing the way businesses are approaching social media? Has there been a not so obvious shift in how social media campaigns are being created and launched? Are there social media platforms that are being ignored and dismissed despite evidence that your customers and potential customers are out there using a […]

For a small business, your brand is everything. It is your identity. It is how your customers know you and what they bond with. It is how they decide to buy from you, how they choose you over your rivals. Too few small businesses these days seem to concentrate their marketing efforts on establishing and building […]

Customer experience, or CX, has become a central and vital cog in the small business success machine. Communication with current and future customers has never been more important yet too many companies are not concentrating on it as they should. Especially when it comes to mobile operations and customer interaction and support. In some recently […]

As small businesses everywhere continue to navigate through these challenging and shifting times, it is beginning to look like it will be the B2B companies that may face the largest hurdles. As the ever shifting consumer demand reveals new directions, so, too, must B2B companies begin to pivot to make their brands stronger and more […]

As small businesses everywhere continue to reach out to potential customers through a multitude of strategies, social media seems to be making great strides toward becoming a dominant force with regard to consumer sales and communication. Consumers appear to be gaining a level of comfort buying through social media platforms so, going forward, a strong […]

Should small businesses be worried about the future? Is uncertainty and worry to become a part of some “new normal”? Or will courage and planning and achievement be what dictates the future? Small business owners and entrepreneurs have always chosen and displayed the latter. In some newly released data from the National Federation of Independent […]

It is never a waste of time to analyze your current online marketing strategies to see where certain adjustments may be needed. Especially now as consumer behavior seems to pivot at the slightest provocation. Should your entire strategy be evaluated or are there just certain areas that may need an overhaul? In some recently released […]

When it comes to your business, failure is not an option. However, with all of the uncertainty and potential instability of these challenging times, it can get somewhat tricky to know in which direction to turn. As you continue to assess and optimize both your business and your marketing, it is critical to know where […]