Social Media

Can customizing your social media strategies be the key to your company’s future success? Social media has rapidly become a major factor in the success of small businesses everywhere and, the more targeted, the better the results seem. While strategies for B2C and B2B companies may slightly differ, the end game remains the same: reach […]

Staying on top of the ever changing marketing landscape can be quite the challenge. This can be especially true of your social media strategy. Social media continues to be a fluid and unpredictable challenge that can frustrate even the best marketers. In some recently released research, InfluencerMarketing has discovered just how things have shifted and […]

There seems to be no better time than the present to re-evaluate your current pay per click strategies. Or, if your company has yet to explore the potential of PPC, now could be the time to take advantage of that type of customer engagement. There are advantages to PPC that could very well give your […]

Is social proof really that important to your business? Can it drive more traffic and conversions? Despite the ever changing nature of social media, it does appear as if social proof  will continue to hold sway with regard to the viability of a brand regardless of size or nature. In some eye opening research done […]

What often separates us from what we want is our ability to be mentally tough; our ability to stay focused on a goal until it is reached. It’s being able to perform under pressure. It’s being able to face certain fears and demons and stare them down. Most people, however, tend to avoid conflict. They […]

Are customers and clients actually changing the way businesses are approaching social media? Has there been a not so obvious shift in how social media campaigns are being created and launched? Are there social media platforms that are being ignored and dismissed despite evidence that your customers and potential customers are out there using a […]

Despite these most challenging times, small business owners and entrepreneurs continue to face down those challenges and are remaining optimistic for the near future. As holiday retail numbers continue to look promising, it is the spirit of those in the trenches that continues to inspire and breed that optimism. In a recently released research and […]

As if small businesses have not had enough thrown at them in the last twenty months or so, here comes the holiday shopping season. While the holiday season has always been a critical time for retailers, this season seems like it could be a make or break situation for many. As always, entrepreneurs and small […]

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are the strongest weapons you have for branding and attracting customers. While your SEO remains a steady factor, it seems that social media demographics may be shifting. As the small business environment continues to try and find its feet, it may be critical to look at where any […]

While there are those small businesses that still remain hesitant with regard to influener marketing, it becomes more and more evident that it can boost your bottom line and has earned a place in your overall SEO and marketing strategy. In a recently completed research survey, InfluencerMarketingHub has gathered together some enlightening stats and info […]