When you are striving for brand awareness, visual content may be the key to your overall long term success. While your content development and production plays a huge part in your branding efforts, you must integrate visual elements for your brand awareness to have long term benefits for you and your company. It all begins […]

The challenge for every business, regardless of size, is visibility and name recognition. That’s why you advertise. That’s why you have a SEO marketing plan in place. That’s why you have a social media marketing effort going. You also know that these efforts are not an instant gratification situation. You know that it’s a marathon […]

When business owners, large and small, list their biggest challenge these days, marketing survey after marketing survey reports that the challenge is finding leads. One of the best ways you can generate more leads everyday is to use Twitter to your full advantage. If your social media marketing and SEO are going to be effective […]

During the month of May, in honor of National Small Business Week, the CEO’s of the Big Three social media platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook got together in New York City for a roundtable discussion on the current state of social media. The direction your online marketing and social media marketing needs to go just […]

Small businesses today can take immediate social media marketing advantage of Twitter and get those 140 characters working away like 140 of Santa’s most industrious elves. Many of the top brands out there are successfully leveraging the twittersphere to build their brands, drive traffic, and increase conversions.  Establishing you and your company is foremost so you […]

So, thinks have been going well and you have decided it might be time to reach out to the largest country in the world with a social media campaign. Social media in China is not the same as it is in America or much of the Western world. The mindset is different and the agendas […]

Social media can be a huge boost to a company or a brand with regard to awareness. Awareness, when done properly can drive traffic to your site. However, it has become more and more apparent that most brands and companies just don’t seem to have any sort of coherent plan for taking advantage of the […]

Men and women are surely different in most ways despite what the mainstream media might infer. The genders view the world differently and tend to think about things differently. This has been brought home by some recent research coming out of Nielsen and Pew Research. The findings are significant with regard to how men and […]

As 2014 continues to roll along, there have been certain trends developing out there in social media land that every company and brand needs to be aware of. Staying on top of what will make you effective in the social media jungle need to be priority number one for you. Twitter and Google+ will continue […]

More and more customers are connecting with companies through social media. Is your social media management team up to the task of dealing with customer inquiries? Read on to find out how to use Twitter for customer service