It is the second largest search engine in the world and it sees more traffic than any other site on the web except for Google and Facebook. YouTube has become a behemoth that businesses of all sizes ignore at their marketing peril. Over 300 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute and […]

Your SEO has been a critical component to your overall marketing strategy from the beginning. You have been diligently measuring your data and your analytics and your results seem to be where you want them to be. Can you actually make your SEO efforts more effective by concentrating more, perhaps, on a few substantial areas […]

Your video SEO strategy can be one of the most effective marketing weapons your business can have. Research has declared, time and time again, that video is far more effective at driving traffic than all of your other SEO strategies combined. You need video at your site as well as out at all of your […]

As they say, what you don’t know could hurt you. Nothing could be more true when it comes to the two giants of the world wide web. The search giant and the social media giant are two places you need to get familiar with if your business is going to succeed these days. Here are some stats […]

YouTube is one of the premiere social media platforms designed for getting the word out about you and your business and to be an intricate and important player in your SEO strategy. The billions of users it has are simply there for you to drive to your site and to turn them into conversions. Your […]

One of the best SEO marketing weapons you have is video. These days, video SEO is critical to your overall success. The best way to get your videos out there is through YouTube. It is the largest search engine in the world, and with billions of potential customers, it is a site you must be […]

 One of the best weapons you have with regard to your overall SEO marketing strategies is video. You must integrate video into your marketing efforts and especially out at the social media platforms. YouTube, of course, is the 600 pound gorilla that you need to be BFF’s with. But, how to get the most mileage […]

One of the major social media marketing strategies you need to employ is a vibrant YouTube channel as well as well placed videos all over your site and your other major social media platforms. With over one billion users and over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, are you missing your chance to grab […]

Men and women are surely different in most ways despite what the mainstream media might infer. The genders view the world differently and tend to think about things differently. This has been brought home by some recent research coming out of Nielsen and Pew Research. The findings are significant with regard to how men and […]

As 2014 continues to roll along, there have been certain trends developing out there in social media land that every company and brand needs to be aware of. Staying on top of what will make you effective in the social media jungle need to be priority number one for you. Twitter and Google+ will continue […]