Choosing Effective VSEO Keywords

Posted on May 27, 2010 in Video Optimization, Video SEO, VSEO

Video content is quickly becoming the largest area of growth in online marketing with the advent of Universal Search.  Choosing effective keywords is by far the most important part of your for Video SEO strategy because you want to be sure your viewers can find you under the terms that are relevant for your video.  It is certainly tempting to target for popular keywords to increase the volume of your traffic, but to ensure the right viewers are watching your video, it is far more effective to target relevant VSEO keywords.  Also, search engines reward content that is relevant to its keyword tags and penalize irrelevant content.

Brainstorm Keyword suggestions

The first step choosing VSEO keywords is to try to get into the mind of your viewer.  Brainstorm what words you would like to describe searches for your video.  Be sure to target both people you know are searching for you by brand and don’t just try to attract new traffic. How –to’s are highly popular for Video SEO campaigns and enjoy large search volumes.

Keyword Targeting

A very simple (and free!) method of VSEO keyword research is using the GoogleAdWords tool, which helps create lists of relevant keyword.  Use your brainstorm list and enter them into the Keyword Tool.  The tool will suggest terms ‘around’ your targeted terms, including long-tail keywords which you can use in your Video SEO campaigns.  Other excellent tools for keyword research include Wordtracker, Microsoft’s adCenter Labs, and KeywordDiscovery.

Query Suggestions
Using Google’s and YouTube’s auto-fill suggestion drop-down menus provide suggestions (these are now enabled by default on both sites) for top YouTube search terms.  You can use these in your Video SEO campaigns, provided your content is relevant to those terms.  If you are using ‘furry animals’ as a keyword, your content had better contain animals with fur or your video will likely be penalized in Universal Search rankings.

Analyze Keyword Effectiveness
Before you begin your VSEO campaign, it is helpful to define KPIs (key performance indicators) to set a performance benchmark for your keywords.  That way, over time you can analyze your Video SEO campaign performance to find trends.  Which keywords perform?  Which are not performing?  Study your results and make adjustments to your strategy according to your keyword KPIs.

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