Cisco and Facebook Team Up for Social Media Marketing Services

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Facebook has been running small tests over the past year on their new flagship program for social media marketing services for small-to-medium businesses, Facebook Wi-Fi. With installations at over a thousand merchants, Facebook has garnered the interest of Cisco, one of the leaders in networking technology, to come on board and partner with them.

Facebook Wi-Fi is a way for customers to access free Wi-Fi access at businesses that provide it. By “checking in” to the business, just like Foursquare, customers get access to the Wi-Fi after, but at the same time, the businesses benefit greatly from this new exposure as they get:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Gained demographic data
  • Improved ad targeting
  • Latest business news delivered directly to the customer

With Cisco partnering with Facebook on this new social media marketing services initiative, they have decided to call the collaboration the “Connected Mobile Experience” (CMX) for Facebook Wi-FI.

If you walk into a store or local eatery that is running CMX for Facebook Wi-FI, you can open a browser on a mobile device, attempt to go to any page and you’ll be directed to a “check in with Facebook” login page. Once you’ve logged into your Facebook account, you are given access to the store’s Wi-Fi network, but instead of going to the page you wanted to, you’re automatically directed to the business’s Facebook page. You can check-in, share promotional information as well as use the company’s promotions while you’re in store. You can “like” the store and share all that information with your Facebook friends.

With CMX, Cisco and Facebook have created the new wave of social media marketing services to provide customers with a more personalized shopping experience. This will allow businesses to connect more with their customers in an easier and a friendlier setting than always connecting with them over the internet.

By setting up a Facebook Wi-Fi you can get your customers to interact with you directly and improve your ad targeting with the information they provide. With the new social media marketing services being created by Cisco and Facebook, you can increase your brand recognition even more.