Combining email and video can drive more traffic?

Can combining email and video actually drive more traffic? Both are formidable weapons in any marketing arsenal but too many small businesses are not deploying them together in a consistent manner.  When you know the powerful reach of each, you can begin to craft a strategy that just may begin to boost your traffic. In some recent data published by Siegemedia, the effect of both email and video becomes obvious. The following is taken directly from that research:

  • Personalized subject lines in email outreach increased the unique open rates by 27% and lead to an 11% higher
    click-to-open rate. – 
    Experian Marketing Services
  • Segmented email campaigns achieve 14.31% higher open rates than non-segmented email campaigns. – MailChimp
  • 72% of consumers report that they are more inclined to open an email that offers a discount. –  Campaign Monitor
  • For every $1 dollar marketers spend on email marketing, they receive an average ROI of $42. – Litmus
  • The best time to send emails is between 6-9am PST on Monday. – Siege Media
  • 61% of consumers would like to be contacted by brands through email. – Adobe Campaign
  • 29% of marketers expect to use short-form video for the first time in 2022. – Hubspot
  • Millennials are the generation that consumes the most videos. 75% of consumers aged 18-34 watch videos at least once a day. – Hubspot

  • 81% of adults report using YouTube, the highest of any social network. – Pew Research
  • 97% of consumers and online marketers report that video helps customers understand their product. – Wyzowl
  • 45% of consumers say that authoritative content makes a brand video feel authentic. – Animoto
  • 26% of consumers are less likely to finish a video if they need to turn their phones horizontally to watch. – Animoto
  • 39% of viewers would never watch a video from a brand again if they had a negative viewing experience on mobile. –  Animoto
  • In one study, 94% of the respondents reported using video to make a purchase decision. – Lemonlight
  • 64% of consumers report that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision. – Hubspot
  • 89% of global marketers plan to spend the same or more in short form video. – Hubspot
  • 81% of marketers plan to include video content in their marketing strategy over the next few years. – Lemonlight

-Written by Kevin Sawyer