Consumers determined to shop in-store this season

As American small businesses continue to successfully battle back from the many roadblocks placed before them, there seems to be great news with regard to how people expect to approach the upcoming holiday shopping season. In a recent survey performed by Engine Insights, it seems that nearly 90 percent of the people they spoke with expect to shop in-store this holiday season. The following stats are taken directly from that recently published research:

  • This survey was conducted by Engine Insights among a sample of 1,004 adults 18 years of age and older. Engine Insights is the research and analytics division of Engine, a global, full-service media and marketing services company.
  • The survey reports that 85% of consumers plan to shop in physical stores for their holiday gifts. However, they are still expressing concerns about CV-19. 72% of shoppers plan to go to retail stores during less busy days and times this year to limit their potential exposure.
  • In addition, 62% of shoppers plan to purchase gifts with online retailers that have a physical store presence, but instead of going in-store, shoppers will have gifts shipped directly to them.

  • Survey reveals that 54% of Americans are starting their shopping earlier this year due to concerns over products not being available later in the season. Asked when they plan to do most of their holiday shopping, 31% say before Thanksgiving. Americans also plan to shop on Thanksgiving Day (12%), Black Friday (25%) and Thanksgiving Day Weekend (15%). The survey also reports that 21% plan to do most of their shopping on Cyber Monday.
  • When it comes to their thoughts on holiday advertising, 85% of Americans would be more likely to welcome ads that do not involve COVID-19 messaging. Consumers are more interested in displays of connection and togetherness (87%). Additionally, shoppers are looking to see more advertising focused on children to help inspire gift ideas (43%).
  • The survey also finds: 85% of Americans agree that our country needs the spirit of the holiday season more than ever. 57% agree that the challenges throughout this year are making them feel more emotionally connected to the upcoming holiday season than usual. 71% agree that holiday decorations in retail stores help them get into the ‘holiday spirit’

-Written by Kevin Sawyer