Could Bing Social Search Be Starting the Next Wave of SEO and Social Media?

Posted on October 14, 2010 in Search Engine Optimization, Video Optimization

Bing is a well known search engine site that is effected by SEO just like any other search engine.  Bing offers a Bing Social Search that gives you the option to enter a search word and see results from social media sites.  You can view “Trending Topics,” a “Summary,” “Public Updates,” or “Shared Links.”  All options will show you results from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc.

Aside from offering social media search results, Bing Social Search gives users suggested accounts (when searching in the “Summary” section) to follow on Twitter that are the most closely related to their search.  For example, if you search for “Paramore,” Bing will suggest that you follow Paramore, Hayley Williams, who is the lead singer of Paramore, and Paramorelyrics on Twitter.  All you have to do is click on the suggestion and you’ll be directed to Twitter.

At this point, Bing’s algorithm isn’t solely focused on SEO ranking, as it also makes its suggestions based on exact name matching.  However, i’ll let you take a guess about what will likely be coming next . . . my guess is other search engines, such as Google, will adopt this Twitter suggestion panel.  It is likely that these Twitter suggestions will expand beyond social purposes and that everyone who has a Twitter account will be eligible for the suggestions list.  For example, imagine going to Google, searching for hair salons near you and not only getting Google search results, but on the side, getting a list of suggested hair salon Twitter accounts to follow.  Knowing that companies often Tweet about discounts and coupons, you could take a look at a few of the suggested hair salon’s Twitter accounts for coupons before deciding which one to visit!

Bing Social Search only shows three suggestions.  If other search engines were to only show three suggestions as well, how would they go about determining which three to suggest?  You guessed it . . . by their search engine ranking, which will make what even more important than ever? . . . that’s right!  SEO!  Imagine what Twitter account suggestions on search engine results pages could do for businesses!  As social media is growing more and more as an important tool in the business world, people are more and more likely to learn about a company via their social media sites, and if Google directs people right to your company’s Twitter page and to your coupon Tweets, there are endless possibilities!

So for now, make sure your SEO company has you ranking high on search engine results pages and your business just may benefit from potential Twitter suggestions in the future!