Do you have a game plan for your blog?

GamePlan     It seems that blogs and blogging are playing a vital role in both business and pleasure. For companies and entrepreneurs, however, it needs to be more than an extension of your Facebook page. So, do you have a game plan for your blog? Do you have a blog strategy?

 First off, you need to understand the reason you are adding a blog to your website. It is, of course, an opportunity to increase your search rankings. In addition, it is an opportunity to separate yourself from your competitors. It is the medium through which you establish yourself as an expert at what you do and as a leader in your industry.

 Content, as the cliché now goes, is king. And, it truly is. If you can’t write, hire professionals who understand SEO and LSI and let them help increase your visibility and name recognition for your company and brand. As was previously mentioned, your company’s blog is not an extension of your Facebook page or the annual family Christmas letter. This is serious business and every sentence counts.

 Other things to consider aside from sparkling and engaging content, is what you will do with it besides resting it behind a navigation button. Will it be integrated with your social media content and online marketing strategy? What will you budget for it? Do you hire pros or do you think you know what you are doing? Will it simply be informative or thought provoking or will it be SEO enhanced to increase your search engine visibility?

 In addition, will your blog generate additional traffic and increase conversions? Will you allow in guest bloggers? Will you be looking to extend your company’s blog to, perhaps, a complimentary business in some manner of alliance building? What about links? Will you have any? Will that be helpful to your rankings?

 There is so much to consider; so much to plan. Will you do it yourself or seek outsourced professionals? So, what exactly is the game plan for your blog?