To dominate the search results, you need these keys in place

If there is one thing you are focused on with your SEO marketing strategy, it is rankings. Google, of course, is the god of search and dictates what companies must do to stay competitive with regard to search rankings. The are several keys that have remained constant with Google and if you are not integrating them into your SEO marketing efforts, you will begin to fall far short of your rivals when customers come looking for what you have to sell.

  • It all begins with the quality of your content in your efforts to establish yourself as an expert and an authority in your field or industry. All of this includes intensive keyword research and application as well as having a competent and effective content delivery system that gets your content into the hands of those you wish to sell to.
  • Content also means you must have a good mix of multimedia content. Not only do you need well chosen and quality images to go along with your written content but your audio and video content must be professional and enhance the overall user experience which has become so critical to your SEO efforts. User experience has become a major focus for Google. You must make things easy and clean for your traffic. Limit your ads and make the navigation as easy as possible so that your visitors can be easily shown what they have to do to buy what you have to sell.
  • You must do more than inform and entertain. You must engage your visitors so that they feel compelled to buy and compelled to share your content with their social networks. This involves constant testing and tweeking until you have the right formulas and systems in place to do that. In this vein, your mobile readiness will make or break your SEO marketing efforts. If your business site is not optimized to load properly and be seen properly on a mobile device, then you are just wasting time and money with your SEO and social media marketing efforts. Nearly 70% of searches are now being done via mobile and that will only continue to grow.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer