How to dominate Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday has become a national event that is nicely nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year, over 100 million Americans went out and boosted small business revenues to the tune of over $15 billion. So, how can you take advantage of this? How can your particular small business dominate this year?

  • The first thing you must do is mobilize your business. Everyone is involved and everyone has a part to play. Start with your website and make sure it is updated and ready to go. Make certain everything is working the way it should be. There is no room for error with regard to making those conversions. Also, prepare to stay open as late as you can. If you can remain open until 9 PM or so, you will attract traffic that is heading out after work and dinner.
  • Retrain your staff so that their customer services skills go above and beyond. While shopping online is here to stay, coming into your store must be an experience for those who venture in. This is an opportunity for you to shine, build trust and to offer potential customers a look at the real company and the real people who work there. You are putting on a show and the better prepared your employees are, the greater experience for everyone.
  • Give people reasons for coming by your establishment be it a storefront office or a retail store. There must be discounts and special products that are not offered online. Collect email addresses with a special raffle for prizes and deep discounts. Never try and compete with the major players like Macy’s or Walmart. You can’t, so don’t try. Show your potential customers what is so special about you and why they should shop with you.
  • Form alliances with complimentary businesses so that everyone can take advantage of greater traffic numbers. This can really work for those businesses that are service oriented or a profession. No reason for you to be left out. Set up a booth on the sidewalk or the main street of the mall or even rent a space inside one of the retailers. This is an especially crucial opportunity for those smaller home based businesses to make the larger community aware of you. It is an opportunity to be a part of your community as well as get the word out about what you do. The branding and good will to be fostered should not be missed. It is an excellent chance to grab some serious leads.
  • Make sure that your social media marketing is running full tilt. Be updating your social media all day long by posting photos of all of the action as well as your merchandise and people interacting with your staff. Make them realize what they are missing. This day is an opportunity to get your holiday business ball rolling. Keep the momentum going as you begin to really crank things up for the end of the year holiday season.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer