Are you embracing your video strategy?

z125 If your SEO video marketing strategy is not on your front burner, you had best move it there as quickly as possible. Video has begun its inevitable march to the forefront of advertising and marketing and you need to have a long term strategy for seamlessly integrating it into your overall SEO marketing.

  •  While your content creation and marketing will remain your major SEO marketing weapon, video will be right there with it and gaining fast.. In addition, video content will allow you to reach an audience that you might not normally reach. According to recent research, more than one hundred million; that’s right, one hundred million, people will watch at least one entire video online every day. Also, the average person watches a little over thirty videos every month.
  •  Your SEO video marketing impact will be immediate, aggressive, and long lasting. When a user becomes engaged, 80% of them will actually watch the whole video in its entirety. Also, video creates a stronger recall in the user’s mind and builds stronger brand awareness. Pages that contain video are engaged with more often and for longer periods than those sites and pages that carry no video.
  •  The biggest advantage to your SEO video campaign is that you are able to reach the mobile viewer much more effectively. Mobile users have less time but they will stop and engage with video. Nearly 40% of people who use tables are watching at least one hour of video every day. Nearly 80% of all people with smart phones watch video on a daily basis.
  •  Nearly half of all YouTube visitors are watching business videos regularly every month and nearly 80% of video watchers will click over to a businesses website after they have watched a video from them. SEO Video, according to recent studies, is the most effective way to get potential customers to truly understand your company and what your brand has to offer. In fact, nearly 75% of visitors will immediately go to a company video before checking out anything else.

One final stat: sending off an email with a video in it will boost your click through rate almost 98%. Video works and it works all of the time. Now is definitely the time to be stepping up your SEO video strategy. You can bet your competitors are.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer