Facebook and Instagram Announcement Changes Web Video Production Landscape

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Vine has been dominating the mobile video landscape since its release in January. Facebook and Instagram were on their backs against the web video production might of Twitter and their Vine app. As of today, Vine is no longer the only web video production option for marketers and mobile users.

Instagram will give users the option to create videos that are three to fifteen seconds long and up to thirteen different filters can be applied to the videos. The biggest impact about this Instagram upgrade is that they’re releasing it for free. This means that Vine now has a competitor that is instantly 130 million users strong.

Instagram has also released an editing feature to go along with these new video options. You can edit to fit the 15 second limit and if there’s a clip that you add to the timeline that you don’t like, then you can easily delete it with a simple touch of a button. Another feature that Instagram will have will be the ability to add a thumbnail to the video. Users will be able to choose a frame from the video, much like YouTube, and make it into a clickable thumbnail to attract viewers.

Much like Vine, the usual sharing features such as captions, hashtags, and whatever can be applied to the video are also available to Instagram users. One of the major differences between the two web video production apps is that the Instagram videos won’t loop like Vine videos do.

What does this mean for your web video production? Your marketing department will now have to either make a choice to either work within the confines of either Vine or Instagram, or try to make videos that can be published under both. Both have large user bases that can be targeted for your purposes, so it will take some extra research to see where the majority of your audience lies. Only time will tell if one service reigns supreme of if these two competitors can survive with each other.