Facebook and Your Business

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Facebook is a multi-faceted social media management tool that every business needs to be invested in. It’s a service that allows you to build your brand, engage with your customers and target audience, and helps you get found in search engine results. If your Facebook page is optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) then it has a better chance of showing up in search results that are relevant to your product or service. Here are some tips to help your local business with using Facebook for your social media management.

A Great Page Name

When it comes to naming your Facebook page, don’t go crazy, just stick to the basics. Use your business name, if that’s not available for whatever reason, choose your business name and your location. Keep your title short and to the point.

Flesh Out Your About Section

When it comes to your Facebook page, it’s going to be very public, so everything on your Facebook page will be visible to search engines. The “About” section is a great place to build SEO. Use important and relevant keywords in the about section as well as important details about your business. This social media management will help your Facebook page show up in search engine results.

Get a Username

Facebook allows you to customize your Facebook page URL by claiming a username. This makes it easier for people to identify your page and cleans up your URL, making it easier to find. Much like your page name, start with your business and add tiny details like location if need be.

Encourage Customer Participation

Any local business has the ability to encourage not only their customers, but their employees as well to like their Facebook page. This gives you more opportunity to get found by new people as these likes increase. When a user likes your page it creates a link on their own Facebook page, this gives you organic backlinks that you don’t have to work too hard to get. The more likes you get the higher you’ll place on search engine results.

Make your Page a Facebook Place

By creating a Facebook Place, you give users the opportunity to “check-in” at your business which then gives them the option of liking your page. This can greatly boost the amount of likes you get. Create a sign to hang at your business to remind people that they can do that and run a check-in promotion to help boost your numbers.

Create Links

One of the most important things in social media management is to make sure everything is connected. You need to link to your Facebook page from your own business website or blog and make sure it’s connected to any other pages or sites you have across the web. This creates high quality links which boosts your SEO.