Facebook’s Embeddable Posts Are Live Now for Easier Social Media Management

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Back in July, Facebook ran a beta of their new embeddable posts features with a collection of publishers. This allowed them to work out any glitches that were discovered along the way. This week, Facebook launched embeddable posts for any and all publishers. This means all statuses, photos, links and videos are all embeddable improving your social media management.

These posts act much like they do on Facebook once embedded on another page. Users can like the post or share it directly from the site it is embedded on. These posts also allow users to like the poster’s page and to follow that user with the easy to use drop-down button that is added with an embedded post.

The best part about this is that it is very easy to embed a post from Facebook on to your own website or blog. Simply click the top-right arrow on the post on Facebook and click “embed post.” Facebook will then generate a code that you can paste on to your own page.

Facebook has made significant improvements to embeddable posts throughout the beta process making them more useful for social media management. Videos in embeddable posts will play on the sites that the posts have been embedded on now. They’ve made it so you can access the embed code directly from the post once it’s embedded as well, making it easier to share from site to site. One crucial thing they fixed for social media management is making embedded posts easier to read on mobile by reducing the width of the posts to fit smaller screens.

Let’s face it, Facebook is a bit behind with this feature considering Twitter has been allowing users to embed tweets since 2011. With this move, however, Facebook has guaranteed that its content will be found on thousands of blogs and websites across the internet and making its presence felt for social media management.